28 April 2016

Cold start - again

We woke to snow, albeit a 'skitterin'.  (Potbank Dictionary link here>) And a series of frosty nights have taken their toll. The gunnera doesn't look well at all.  Bottom left in the photo.

15 April 2016

Not Gunnera but worth showing anyway :)

The field behind our house is home to several Shetland sheep. In the last few weeks we have been witnessing the arrival of many fresh faces! The Shetland breed is renowned for its variety if colouring. Yesterday saw the arrival of two lambs, without any interference from the shepherd, before our eyes, in the glorious spring sun. Wonderful. Interestingly, snow is forecast later today ...

05 April 2016

Daffs are up

And leaf growth on the gunnera is appearing fast.