08 November 2016

02 November 2016

Sharp frost!

The Gunnera will have suffered from last nights sharp frost, the first really cold night as we approach winter.

22 October 2016

On the turn

Not much happened to the gunnera during the months of September and October. But it did get in the way at times! We had to prune it on a couple of occasions, but you wouldn't have known it.  But now the cold nights are beginning to take their toll and the plant is on the turn.

26 August 2016

Plants for Sale!

Great photo of Gunnera manicata for sale at the RHS Spring Show at Malvern, England on Sunday 8 May 2016. Photo from Kathy Niblett. Interestingly in some circles they are regarded as a pernicious weed. Looks like the Royal Horticultural Society don't have this opinion.

RHS Spring Show at Malvern, England
Photo@ Kathy Niblett  Date: Sunday 08 May 2016

17 August 2016

Gunnera, scaffolding and the tractor

A busy photo this month!

The Gunnera is bigger than ever, even after taking off three huge "arms" (we gave these away to another enthusiast in the Staffordshire Mooorlands and they are growing on well) and pruning eight huge leaves, just to let us walk past the plant. Then there is the obvious scaffolding - necessary for our roofer to attend to 110 year old leaky tiles. And then, of course, the tractor. The tractor drags behind it a wonderful tank and pump which removes the contents of our Klargester (an amazing device so necessary if you have no mains sewage system - more here>  if you need to know!)

17 July 2016

Bigger than the summer house!

Glorious sun this afternoon and here is a pic of the gunnera which has really done well after the frosts earlier in the year. It's been enjoying the wet weather.

08 June 2016

Its bounced back

A prolonged period of hot weather has helped the gunnera regain its former glory! Just twenty day since the last posting.

18 May 2016

Struggling this year

Heavy frosts in April took their toll on the plant and killed off some budding shoots. Then it battled on during the warmer weather only to be knocked back again in the last few days. 'N'er cast a clout till May is out!'

28 April 2016

Cold start - again

We woke to snow, albeit a 'skitterin'.  (Potbank Dictionary link here>) And a series of frosty nights have taken their toll. The gunnera doesn't look well at all.  Bottom left in the photo.

15 April 2016

Not Gunnera but worth showing anyway :)

The field behind our house is home to several Shetland sheep. In the last few weeks we have been witnessing the arrival of many fresh faces! The Shetland breed is renowned for its variety if colouring. Yesterday saw the arrival of two lambs, without any interference from the shepherd, before our eyes, in the glorious spring sun. Wonderful. Interestingly, snow is forecast later today ...

05 April 2016

Daffs are up

And leaf growth on the gunnera is appearing fast.

28 March 2016

Storm Katie brought lots of rain last night

Very wet start today. The field is soaked and the small brook on the boundary has overflowed. But the Gunnera marches on and you can see the new flower heads beginning to poke through. Spring is in the air!

17 January 2016

Just an inch of snow

To remind us that we are still in the grips of winter!

10 January 2016

Just resting! Guest Blog from Christian Wagner

In Portvoller, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. First week of January 2016

Gunnera in Portvoller, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. First week of January 2016

04 January 2016

Thoroughly miserable start to 2016

The weather is truly awful - rain rain rain.  And its so mild that wildlife is getting confused. Spot the new pink growth beginning to poke through already!