24 July 2013

Before the storm ...

.. and then the storm.

and The Gunnera likes wet!

14 July 2013

A beast in the sun!

And the Gunnera doesn't look too bad either ... ha ha!

11 July 2013

We had to get a man in!

A colony ( is that the correct word ?) of wasps had found a comfortable home in the roof space of our summer house and were causing a worrying annoyance.  The first we knew of it was the constant and quite loud buzzing-hum in the background as you stood inside. Regrettably they had to be dealt with and we called in a man from the AA ( yes, the Automobile Association! ) to do the necessary.

We found another nest and they were dispatched the same way. By the dispatcher who dispatched them. 

06 July 2013

I think we may have had a growth spurt

And here are the Orchids, better than ever this year.  The common spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii).