27 April 2013

Struggling with the weather

Frost, last night, knocked the gunnera back - again. 
Its a struggle to get going this year!

21 April 2013

The great unwrapping

About one month later than last year. 

18 April 2013

Then suddenly ...

...  the daffs started blooming.  But the Gunnera remains hiding.

11 April 2013

Guess! Autumn or Spring?

Almost the same time two years ago?

08 April 2013

It stirs!

Major surprise in the Gunnera Garden today.  It stirs!  Quite suddenly during the day (which is ever-so slightly milder) the Gunnera has leapt into life and has begun to poke through its covering of last year's leaves.

06 April 2013

Still bitterly C O L D

Same time last year here